None of these videos condone endorsements during the primary season. We just want to get you in touch the candidates who are working so hard to touch bases with voters.

Chat with Kathleen Williams 05 14 2020

Kathleen Williams is a three-term state legislator, sportswoman, music lover, and most recently, candidate for Montana’s at-large seat in the United States House of Representatives. She’s a proven fighter with a 36-year career in natural resource planning and policy. During Kathleen’s six years representing eastern Gallatin County in the Montana State Legislature, she passed bills that created 200 new small businesses in just three years, required insurers to stop denying care to cancer patients, and protected Montana businesses from being sued by their investors for not making decisions exclusively to maximize profit.
After her service in the legislature, Kathleen stepped up to run for Montana’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. She came the closest of any candidate in more than 20 years to unseating an incumbent in that office. Now, Kathleen is running once again to bring her work ethic, integrity, and proven record of policy success to Congress, and she’s confident 2020 is her year.

Chat with Whitney Williams and Buzz Mattelin 05 12 2020

Whitney Williams is a sixth-generation Montanan, businesswoman, and daughter of former Congressman Pat Williams, and former State Senate Majority Leader, Carol Williams. As a CEO of williamsworks, Whitney worked alongside Fortune 500 companies, charities, and citizens to solve complex problems — just like those Montanans face every day. She’s helped folks get back on their feet after disaster strikes, opened new markets for farmers struggling to make ends meet, and served on the ground in communities abandoned by government all together. Whitney is running for governor because she believes Montana needs someone with business experience — a fighter — who will bring big, bold ideas to Helena and tough enough to take on the new challenges we face.

Buzz Mattelin is a third generation Montana farmer from Culbertson. He was appointed by Governor Schweitzer to the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee, and was subsequently re-appointed by Governor Schweitzer and Governor Bullock. Mattelin also served on the U.S. Grains Council, Northern Crops Council, and the state Environmental Quality Council. Appointed by the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Mattelin also served on the Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee. Previously, Mattelin served on the Culbertson School Board of Trustees for six years and currently serves on the Roosevelt County Conservation District Council. In 2019, Mattelin was elected the President of the National Barley Growers Association and named the 2019 Outstanding Ag Leader by Montana State University

Gov. Steve Bullock Interview, 05/11/2020

Steve Bullock is a native Montanan who has worked tirelessly to protect Montana’s way of life. As Attorney General, Bullock fought to protect Montanans’ access to public lands and end the corrupting influence of money in politics. As Governor, he brought Republicans and Democrats together to save the state’s rural hospitals and expand affordable health care to 90,000 Montanans. Bullock has a track record of bringing people together to get things done and do what’s right for Montana families. During his two terms, Governor Bullock has worked across the aisle to strengthen Montana’s economy, invest in public schools, freeze college tuition and expand career training so that Montana’s kids can build a better future. Bullock is running for the U.S. Senate to make Washington work more like Montana.

Mike Cooney, Casey Schriner Interview

Shane Morigeau Interview 05 05 2020

Shane was born and raised in Ronan and resides in Missoula with his wife Jamie. He’s a sportsman and a proud Salish and Kootenai member. Before earning his law degree at the University of Montana and an LL.M at the University of Arizona Law School. Shane began his career as an advocate and attorney representing the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and helped pass Medicaid expansion in 2015. As a state Legislator and Minority Whip, Shane spearheaded legislation to make healthcare more affordable, protect consumers from investment fraud, protect public lands, and invest in educational opportunities. In 2019, Shane passed some of the strongest protections for child sex abuse victims and students abused in our schools. As state auditor, Shane will give everyday Montanans a voice. He’ll hold insurance companies accountable, protect consumers from investment fraud, ensure that health insurance rates are fair and affordable, and keep public lands in public hands on the Land Board.

Attorney General Democratic Candidates Debate

John Mues Interview, Apr 30, 2020

A fourth-generation Montanan and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and London Business School, John is a senior engineer in the business sector and former Montana public school teacher and MFPE union member, Montana ranch and farm owner, post-command exercise manager at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and four-times deployed naval officer with service in a combat zone and entrusted with the lives of thousands. John can be contacted at or

Raph Greybill Interview

Raph Graybill is Chief Legal Counsel to Governor Steve Bullock. A fifth-generation Montanan from Great Falls, Graybill won a Rhodes Scholarship and graduated from Yale Law School. Graybill beat the Trump Administration in court over dark money, protected our public lands from Republican overreach, and defended Montana’s public schools at the U.S. Supreme Court. He is endorsed by Senator Max Baucus and the Montana Federation of Public Employees. Learn more at or

Mike Winsor Interview, Apr 30, 2020

Mike Winsor is a fifth generation Montanan. Mike was born in Bozeman, and grew up in Helena, Montana. A consumer advocate for nearly 23 years, Mike started his career fighting for the rights of injured people, victims of discrimination, and the falsely accused as a Montana trial lawyer. Mike continued his work for over a decade at the State Auditor’s Office where he fought to get claims paid for Montana insurance consumers and insurance and securities (investment) fraud. Mike fought unfair trade practices and unfair methods of competition to maintain a consistent, fair, stable, and even playing field in the insurance industry. People may donate to my campaign by going to my website: Winsor for State Auditor P O Box 6131 Helena, MT 59604

Valerie McMurtry Interview, 04 21 2020

Valerie McMurtry grew up in Detroit but moved to Montana and became a Bobcat.  She has been a teacher for 27 years and retired in 2017.  Although Valerie has worked to elect Democrats for many years, she has never thougth about running for office until this year.  The current PSC administrators have not seen a rate increase from Northwestern Energy they didn’t like.  They have failed the voters who have elected them.  Valerie intends to put the public back into the PSC.

Terry Dennis Interview, 04 22 2020

Terry has lived in the Billings Heights for 26 years. He was raised in South Dakota and southern Minnesota. He has spent his career as a physician caring for underserved people in one capacity or another. He has been the Director of a Community Health Center serving the rural poor and migrant farm workers. He has worked in Native health as a coordinator of substance abuse services, epidemiologist and Chief Medical Officer for Montana and Wyoming. He has served as a physician providing Internal Medicine care to the people of Billings and several reservations in Montana and Minnesota. Prior to moving to Billings, he was on the faculty of the University of Minnesota School of Medicine. He has served on the Board of the American Rural Health Association and the National Rural Health Association. He has been a member of the Montana Public Health Improvement Task Force, the Montana Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention Committee, the Deering Clinic Board of Directors and Board of the Montana Family Practice Residency. He is married to his wife, Deanna. They have several children and numerous grandchildren. Email: Web: Facebook: Dennis for MT

Anne Giuliano Interview, 04 21 2020

Anne Giuliano is board certified physician practicing in Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology. Dr. Giuliano moved to Billings in 1999 and has been practicing in the community ever since. She has in depth knowledge of the healthcare system – not only as a provider, but also as a small business owner, as a patient and a caregiver. She knows how poorly the system functions and how frustrating it can be to navigate insurance, doctors and administrators to get needed care. In 2018 Anne joined the Riverstone Board of Health and helps look after the Community healthcare needs of Yellowstone County. In addition to a healthcare agenda, Anne is a champion of public education, small business, Unions and renewable energy. When not helping Montanans, she spends her time volunteering at the local animal shelter, knitting, spinning yarn and engaging in all things in the fiber arts field. She shares her life with her husband of 30+years (Jim) and 4 cats. Act Blue Contribution link is: You can follow her campaign on Facebook at or on Twitter at Her website is

Katharine Kelker Interview, 04 21 2020

Kathy Kelker has a doctorate in Adult Education with a concentration on special education. She taught special education in the public schools and worked as a special education consultant for Head Start. She retired as an Assistant professor of Special Education at MSU-Billings and then retired a second time as Executive Director of Billings Head Start. Kathy has served as a representative for HD 47 for three legislative sessions and is running for a fourth term. She is married to Paul Kelker, a pediatrician and a hematology/oncology physician for children. They have four adult children– Stephen (Kristin), Matthew (Julissa), Sara (Ron), and Christopher—and seven grandchildren, Marissa, Ellie, Zoe, Cody, Iris, Ivy and Julian.

Kimberly Dudik Interview 04 21 2020

Kimberly Dudik is a proven reformer and fighter for everyday Montanans. She has served Montanans for 8 years in the Montana House of Representatives championing initiatives that reform public safety, guard communities from sex offenders, safeguard vulnerable populations (especially children), reform criminal justice, and hold bad actors accountable. She has been an attorney for nearly 18 years, serving approximately 6 years on the frontlines as an Assistant Attorney General and Deputy County Attorney, holding offenders accountable and ensuring community safety. She has protected workers’ rights, represented crime victims, and ensured child safety as a Montana attorney in her private law practice. Her legal experience includes enforcing justice as a substitute municipal court judge and Montana Supreme Court law clerk. Kimberly’s legal knowledge is complemented by her work serving Montana communities as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence and registered nurse specializing in neonatal intensive care prior to becoming an attorney. Facebook: Kimberly Dudik Twitter: @DudikKimberly Instagram: Kimberlydudik Website:

Kristin Spanjian Interview, 04 21 2020

Kris Spanjian is a physician who practiced for over 30 years, caring for critically ill and injured patients and their families with dedication, compassion and honesty. She retired from St. Vincent Healthcare in December 2017, where she earned recognitions from both nurses and resident physicians. Serving on the Montana State Medical Board for 12 years, she learned about the challenges of healthcare delivery in this vast rural state. She has volunteered for many local organizations such as Casting for Recovery, MT Trout Unlimited Youth camp, Yellowstone Public Radio and the Yellowstone Art Museum. Kris lives on her ranch outside Molt with her husband Ray, raising bison, hunting with her bird dogs, and fly fishing the spectacular rivers of Montana whenever she can. She is running for Montana House District 40. Email: Website: Facebook Page: krisspanjianforHD40

Margie McDonald Interview

Robyn Driscoll sat down with Sen Margie McDonald about her campaign and why it is so important for a Democrat to win this November.
Senator Margie Macdonald for District 26.
 A quick map of the area she is representing is right smack in the middle of Billings.  Margie has a remarkable career in community service, conservation and sustainable rural prosperity.  She was the executive director of Montana Association of Churches where she led faith communities to stand against the hatred and bigotry including the “Not in Our Town” movement.  She also spent 25 years as a community organizer promoting homegrown prosperity through locally generated clean energy resource conservation, grass roots empowerment and local food production.  
Facebook:  Senator Margie MacDonald
For Donations Act Blue Margaret MacDonald Senator Billings, Yellowstone Cty

Cocktails With Candidates – Tom Winter

Mitch Bohn, Chair of the Montana State University Billings Democratic Club interviews Tom Winter who is running for Montana’s lone Congressional seat.
Recorded 7 April 2020
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