Republican legislators put political agenda ahead of Montana jobs

The Montana Democratic Party continued “The MTGOP’s Misplaced Priorities” campaign highlighting Republican Legislators’ focus on backward legislation that benefits their political agenda, ahead of legislation that promotes job creation or strengthens our economy. A new bill will be highlighted each day.

Today’s example is a bill from Rep. Derek Skees (R- Kalispell) to remove independent oversight of campaigns and eliminate the Office of Political Practices. Rep. Skees’ bill, HB 340, puts the fox in charge of the hen house by allowing politicians to police their own political activity.

This bill comes after the Commissioner of Political Practices held both Democrats and Republicans accountable, including the high-profile conviction of Republican Rep. Art Wittich who violated campaign finance rules in 2016.
Editorial boards have also weighed in:
Yet, Rep. Skees would rather eliminate this office than focus on creating jobs or growing our economy.

Is this what Montanans voted for?


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